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We take the mystery out of the Construction Process

... by making you part of the construction team. After all, who knows what you want better than you. After more than 30 years in the construction industry, our staff believes if the owners fully understand what goes into a project they will be more satisfied with the end results.

Challenges are best overcome by a careful blend of COMMON SENSE, INSIGHT, and PRACTICE.

COMMON SENSE is an overlooked art based on knowledge, the ability to reason, and honesty.

INSIGHT is stronger than imagination, because it is rooted in past problems solved, and has the flexibility to cross over information gaps and find solutions to problems before they become obstacles.

PRACTICE is the core of experience and is gathered one day at a time. These experiences are increased by team work.

Our Challenge: "Making your ideas a reality."

The people of Trades Center Inc. work together, plan ahead, pull from their experiences, and pay attention to the details of every project. We listen to the Client, ask questions, identify problems and suggest solutions. By doing this we have earned the right to say we build ...

"Buildings that Work"

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