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Preliminary Meetings

  • Owner's Requirements
  • Site Feasibility and Existing Conditions
  • Work with Design Professionals (hired by Owner or Trades Center)
  • Preliminary Drawings and Preliminary Scope of Work

Masterplanning (If Required)

  • Site Planning
  • Building Inspection (Renovations / Additions)
  • Prepare Plans for Submittal to Authorities
                 Local Code Enforcement Officer
                 State Fire Marshall

  • Fire Code Compliance
    ADA Review and Compliance
    Other State Agencies (when required)

Project Planning

  • Building Plans working with Design Professionals (hired by Owner or Trades Center)
                 Architectural and Construction
  • Site Plans
                 Civil Engineering (when required)
                 Surveying (when required)
  • Specifications
  • Construction Costs
                 Project put out to bid to Qualified              Bidders, Sub-Contractors and              Suppliers
  • Results of Bidding presented to Owner for review and approval


Project and Building Permitting

  • Submittal, and follow-up to local Code Enforcement Officer
  • Submittal, attendance as Owner's Rep., and follow-up to Planning Board (when required)
  • Submittal, attendance as Owner's Rep., up to Zoning Board of Appeals (when required)

Project Construction

  • Project Management of day to day, with scheduled meetings with Owner
  • Construction Time Schedule with Start and Complete Dates followed
  • Construction Process planned with Owner's schedule in mind

Project Completion

  • Occupancy Permits
  • As Built Drawings and walk through with Maintenance Project Operation
  • Maintenance Manuals with all Warranties
  • Six month and twelve month inspections as required

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